Carla Di Pardo

Carla Di Pardo‘s art is freedom and sharing, energy that emerges from materials assembled in the format of books, installations and mail art. In her works recovered fabrics, recycled pages, materic inserts are stratified to enhance a story that sprouts from neutral colors in contrast with black.

Thanks to the master Nato Frascà, her love for doodling born, a free gesture where signs become drawings of an imaginary world in which everyone can find traces of themselves. Carla’s passion grew with her training at the Art Institute of Vasto (CH), then attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

Theatre classes, courses with detained people and associations and her teaching in schools are her continuous experimentation fields, up to the latest collaborations with the FAI (Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano) and with the Albanian artist Adrian Paci and his wife Melisa Paci for the school project during the Week of Culture Albania Italia in Art House, where the artisan traditions of Molise region have been updated in collective works inspired by artists such as Maria Lai and Marisa Merz.

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