In 2014, Mehdi Ben Cheikh, founder of the gallery, offered the inhabitants of Erriadh, located in the heart of the island of Djerba, an extraordinary experience: turning their village into an open-air street art museum. A total and collective work of art anchored in its environment to enhance it.
After the success experienced in 2014, Djerbahood returns in 2022.

As part of the Tounes Wijhetouna program funded by the European Union, with the support of the Tunisian Ministry of Tourism and Crafts and the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Djerbahood has new ambitions. Artistic experimentation becomes a lasting project and a vector for preserving the island’s thousand-year-old heritage. In 2022, around fifty artists will have traveled to Djerba to participate in this new edition of Djerbahood. After Swoon, Inti, Tinho, ElSeed, Addfuel, Ardif, David de la Mano and AlexisDiaz – among others – Shepard Fairey joined the adventure in April 2022 with three monumental works transferred voluntarily before being screen-printed by hand.


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