Fashion Revolution Germany

fashion revolution

The idea of the “Fashion Revolution Germany e.V.” emerged from the global campaign Fashion Revolution. Through the campaign work for Fashion Revolution Day, individual projects have developed and this has grown into the urgent need to create a uniform platform to bring industry and consumers together.
The long-term vision for Fashion Revolution Germany is the establishment of a platform that informs the population about the grievances in the clothing industry and thus contributes to a positive change, both in the producing countries and with us.
Through the dissemination of sustainable solution concepts (eco-fair fashion labels, innovative project ideas, alternative economic models), background information and expertise for companies as well as consumers, a change of consciousness is created that encourages active action – because only through conscious consumption and action can an improvement be brought about at all levels of the textile production chain.
The power behind the fashion industry has the potential to contribute to significant improvements in the social and ecological area through a sustainable change of course.

With the question “Who made my clothes?”, the global Fashion Revolution campaign calls for an examination of the origin of our clothing. This is intended to increase fashion consumers’ awareness of transparent production chains and fair working conditions, and to sensitize conventional fashion brands to a fair and resource-saving production process.