Gabriele Agamennone

Gabriele Agamennone Jibril Agamennone is a cabinetmaker who over time has deepened his bond with wood through restoration, to the point of currently creating his own carpentry workshop.

He prefers to define himself as a woodworker rather than a carpenter, because his relationship with this material is very deep and involves all areas of his life.

Gabriele’s choices are always directed towards an “ecological mission” and focused on a strong ideal of union with nature and a circular life: in fact, he leads a lifestyle free from the logic of consumption and immersed in the natural world, pursuing life and professional goals linked to self-sufficiency and sustainability, consciously using resources and tools and sourcing material, freeing himself from transport as much as possible.

His poetics emphasize the emotional and relational aspect that always binds the craftsman to his product, underlining the sentimental bond that is established with the material while it is transformed.

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