The Project

About The Project


The European Circular Museum’s idea is rooted in the current, often critical situation of small scale independent arts and crafts designers and small enterprises engaged in circular lifestyle and environment protection, confronted with the overwhelming presence of the low price products of large international producers. Our project aims to support them by creating an interactive platform and relevant activities to help them communicate, share knowledge and improve their skills within a European community of individual designers and artists. EU COM also offers innovative digital tools for being present on the web by engaging donators and purchasers through visual storytelling.


The European Circular Online Museum aims to create a European community for individual and small-scale upcycling artists and designers who are engaged in promoting circular lifestyle, environment protection and social involvement and who need support for improving their visibility and their social and entrepreneurial skills. The Circular Online Museum is a web based platform including virtual spaces for learning, good practice sharing, exchanging materials and methods, virtual exhibitions offering a higher visibility for the artists and their work and a guide for good practices. 


Online Visibility

Ensuring competitiveness of small scale European design enterprises and individual entrepreneurs working in the field of art and design and engaged in circular lifestyle and environment protection, by offering them online visibility in an alternative and interactive manner.


Empowering small scale designers and artists, particularly women and young people or socially and economically disadvantaged individuals, by providing them social and entrepreneurial skills and new communication tools to engage clientele.

Raising awareness

Raising awareness about the added value of designers’ and artists’ work, and their contribution to the ecological, social and cultural fields.

whoM is it For?

artists and designers

  • practising upcycling artists and designers and small design enterprises;
  • artists, designers and craftspeople interested in using innovative upcycling techniques and/or linking their activities to social and environmental challenges;
  • students in art or design.


  • individual donators from the local community;
  • institutions and organisations supporting ecologically and:or socially engaged art
  • potential clients of upcycling arts and crafts
  • donators of used objects

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