The Wandering LibrarY

Bibiloteca Errante is a collection of artists’ books called Babelic Atlases. The project is leaded by a Cultural Association based in Italy called La luna al guinzaglio born in 2003, who deals with different experimental art languages creating participatory project, at a local, national and international level.

The Babelic Atlases are handmade books in which different techniques such as papermaking, weaving, collage, frottage and other artistic and artisanal processes encouter, to create unique objects in the form of accordion books.

The Atlases are made with material that each artist recovered crossing his/her street and then rielaborated in form of book.

These materials are mostly scraps of fabrics, tickets, newspapers, market paper, fruit packing paper, twine used by fishermen and were collected on the street, in artisan shops, in front of the sea, during fortuitous encounters.

The cities where the first Babelic Atlases were born are: Bari, Catanzaro, Naples, Palermo, but the Library evolved and welcomed also other books, all narrating about port cities.

The Atlases are inspired by five horizons – SEA, EARTH, BODY, SKY, MOVEMENT – which are summed up by the most powerful and fascinating one, the personal horizon, the gaze of the artist.

In addition to 5 books, each artist also organized workshops in his/her own city to share with different publics his/her art technique and his/her poetics in creating them

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