Paul Ardenne

has a longstanding experience as a professor of history at the University of Amiens. He is also an art critic and curator in the field of contemporary art and has published several books and articles, the most recent of which is about joy in art.

Simona Spinella

is a contemporary art historian, graduated in New Technologies for History and Cultural Heritage. As the president of the Synchronos Cooperative, she manages three museum sites of the Z├Ętema Foundation in Matera: the Crypt of the Original Sin the Ortega House Museum and the MUSMA. 

Julia Theek

has been exhibiting since 1988, initially graphics and assemblages. She studied aesthetics, art and media studies, specializing in semiotic methods of interpretation. Her “gated communities” series explores themes of inclusion and exclusion through symbols. She draws inspiration from street art and spatial installations to put emphasis on the use of recycled materials, a theme also present in her book “Der Anspruch der Dinge – Upcycling als Kunst”.

Sara Stolfi

is a contemporary art curator specialized in museum education. She is the president of the cooperative “il Salone dei Rifiutati” which she founded and manages the MOON – Museo Officina degli Oggetti Narranti in Potenza, where she focuses on cultural design with attention to sustainability and inclusion.

Kamila Franz

holds a PhD in biology and is a biologist and an ecologist, always deeply invested in environmental issues. In the past, she worked on protecting animal species but also tried her strength as a visual artist in scenographic techniques. Currently, she works at CRN on various projects concerning climate crisis, sustainability and circular economy.

Kata Kerersztely

art historian, upcycling artist and designer herself, together with Paul Ardenne will be the second member of the French jury staff.