Paolo Scozzafava

Recovering waste objects to model emotions and memories: this is how the Italian artist Paolo Scozzafava defines his recycling work using iron, together with Giulia De Pace, specialized in woodworking. Their Recycling Emporium (Emporio del Riciclo ) is a creative space open to the public where not only installations are designed, but also indoor and outdoor furnishings, events and workshops. The commitment to sustainability and social inclusion involves them alongside national environmental organizations and events, such as the “Disability Pride”. Paolo and Giulia have also undertaken an important entrepreneurial challenge in southern Italy: La Robottega shops, in Matera and in Alberobello, single-product stores dedicated to the production and sale of Robottini, cute characters made of wood and recycled mechanical parts, recently made in a special edition for the Leonardo Da Vinci Experience Museum in Rome.