Roberta Leuzzi

“Often the objects I find suggest me how to create a piece of craft, how to give shape to a story”.

Roberta Leuzzi is an italian tattoo artist and piercer based in Rome who has always investigated creativity as a tool of expression and research through painting, craftsmanship, sewing, embroidery and assemblages giving life to MyArtifactory project, in which the focus is the relationship with recovered objects that have a history and should be respected and told, giving them new life and recognizing their narrative and symbolic value.
In her artistic career, Roberta considers creative act also as possibility of well-being, feeding direct contact with others and with unexplored parts of herself.
Her aesthetic is deeply linked to the world of tattoos and its iconography, but also to a great passion for the world of the unknown and esotericism. She creates works inspired by the gothic and horror style working with poor materials, searching and choosing objects in the markets in line with her poetics and reworking them in a logic of respect and enhancement.