Grumento Partecipata

The project was conceived by the eco designer and architect Manolo Benvenuti and his colleague Stella Mecozzi from the Cooperative Mani Tese, following the guidelines given by the Matera Basilicata 2019 Foundation: cultural actions that enhance the specific features of the territory and with the involvement of the inhabitants.

To achieve it, it was decided to pursue a participatory process with all the citizens of Grumento, a little town in the Basilicata region, which envisaged a double track of data collection: children and adults. Different tools, interactions and workshops for the two bands, but a single goal: to bring to the surface the desires, ideas and suggestions of those who live in Grumento Nova.

Through the participatory process, information was collected on local history and traditions, with a privileged focus on a pre-existing site of extremely high historical value: the Grumentum Archaeological Park, the ancient Roman city defined as “the little Lucanian Pompeii”.

The collection of data and stories was translated into the planning of artistic actions and interventions to be inserted in the urban tissue. In this way the works have been a driving force of history and a link with the territory but also, at the same time, a tool for channeling inventiveness and the desire for innovation for the future of the country.

The itinerary therefore concluded with 4 interventions of urban regeneration through artistic installations – made in self-construction by the citizens – which are linked in various ways to the history of the place

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