Centre for Circular Art

In the narrower sense, the center for circular art is a studio house for upcycling with a producer gallery. Headquarters is the building in Lübz, but the ZZK is not an organization but an organism. By defining common goals, small brigades are formed again and again, which organize together for projects, exhibitions and NFT uploads. In addition to pop-up exhibitions in international metropolises, there is a permanent producers’ gallery in Lübz directly on the market with a view of the 14th-century tower and free WiFi.

10 summer studios are advertised. Working together, running the gallery together on site and online, enjoying the summer in Mecklenburg… 
The plans are concrete with the creative people on site and the partners.

The ZZK became known with the first upcycling art prize , which was awarded in 2021, and whose nominees exhibit in Lübz, Berlin and Barcelona.

The courtyard design of the now renovated Gründerzeit department store was started by the “Genesis scholarship holders” in August/September 2021. As an “organism”, the design of the rooms was deliberately avoided so that the creative people can leave their own footprints.

Website: https://www.zirkulaere-kunst.de

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