Le Patamacchine – The Patamachines

Le Patamacchine

The exhibition was born in 2008 sprouting from an idea of the cultural association La luna al guinzaglio, in Potenza. The collective, born in 2003 and already particularly sensitive to environmental issues, had chosen the recovery of broken objects as a poetic way of narrating and relating to social groups. The Patamachines are the result of the encounter between Pataphysics (the science of imaginary solutions theorized by Alfred Jarry at the end of the 19th century) with the recovery of WEEE (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment). In order to give life to an interactive exhibition, the collective involved different groups of people in focus groups and collective reflections, creating veritable thematic meetings starting from a shared question: which imaginary machine would you like to invent to solve which problem? After the birth of the exhibition, the same question and the same approach gave life to an itinerant problem solving workshop, in which social operators, prison operators and people with particular psycho-social fragility have been involved in inventing Patamachines with WEEE starting from their shared problems. The exhibition is still active today and more current than ever; it has also become an illustrated catalogue.

Website: Le Patamacchine.it