Circular Berlin

Organised as a non-profit, we accelerate Berlin’s transition towards a circular city.

Their work is focused on the city of Berlin and involves community-building, education, advising municipalities, as well as developing knowledge on industries with high potential for circularity: the built environment, food & biomass, textile & fashion, and materials & products. Their main objective is knowledge transfer, awareness raising, visibility providing, launching interactions and networking about the topics of circularity in Berlin.

CB is reshaping Berlin’s metabolism by developing the local circular economy agenda and its implementation, through research, community-building and practical programmes.
A group of strategists, researchers, designers, practitioners and everything in between. What brings us together is the desire to positively affect the future.

Their arget group is everyone interested in circular economy and design, more specifically all entreprises, small designers who are actively involved in this topic.

They do:

  • Collaborative calendar
  • A Circular Berlin ecosystem
  • Online community to be joined
  • Online free education – courses

CB has a specific section: fashion and design. This will be the good practice in EU COM


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